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About Us

About CTC Aviation Group Limited

CTC Aviation Group Limited is one of the world's leading airline training organisations.  We specialise in developing innovative solutions for our clients to support their aircrew selection, supply and training requirements.  With Crew Training Centres in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, we are perfectly placed to support both airlines and individual pilots worldwide and our comprehensive portfolio covers all aspects of pilot training - from zero to hero! 

Each year we training between 1,200 and 1,900 aircrew for approximately 50 client airlines around the world.   Airlines ask us to train their new and qualified pilots in all aspects from basic licence (ab initio) flying and theory training, to airline preparation courses - such as Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC), Airline Qualification Courses (AQC) and Jet Orientation Courses (JOC), through type rating conversion and recurrent training and on to non technical and command skills as well as instructor and examiner standardisation programmes. 

The airline world is well regulated and airline training providers are no exception to that rule.  CTC is what is called an Approved Training Organisation by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) we are also approved by local regulators for our airline clients around the world.

CTC Aviation Group Limited comprises of six companies -

CTC Aviation Training (UK) and (NZ) Limited

This is our ab initio pilot training division responsible for training new or cadet pilots with little or no experience through their basic licence phases - ATPL (Airline Transport Pilots Licence) theory and exams, Foundation Skills flying to PPL standard (Private Pilots Licence) and through to the issue of their CPL/IR (Commercial Pilots Licence and Instrument Rating).  This division is known as an ATO (Approved Training Organisation) or FTO (Flight Training Organisation)and approved by JAA/EASA and the necessary local authorities for our client and partner airlines.  CTC Aviation Training also provides aircrew selection solutions for our client airlines delivering a complete selection service for cadet, newly qualified and experienced pilots, captains and training captains.

CTC Aviation Services Limited

This division specialises in training for our client airlines.  CTC Aviation Services is an ATO/TRTO (Type Rating Training Organisation) and we are Approved by the necessary regulatory authorities (JAA/EASA and local regulators) to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of training for qualified pilots sent to us by their airlines.  Our portfolio covers training such as initial Boeing or Airbus 'Type Rating' training for new pilots, conversion courses from one aircraft type to another, recurrent training (the annual checks pilots go through), line training (working on board during 'line operations' to standardise qualified pilots), non technical skills training (known as Crew Resource Management - CRM) to complement the technical aspects and career development training such as command skills and instructor/examiner standardisation programmes for very experienced airline pilots moving into training roles.  We also work with our clients in a consultancy role to help them with various aspects of operational management and regulatory processes.

Our Crew Training Centre - Nursling, near Southampton in the United Kingdom is the focal point for this part of our business.  It is here that our Boeing and Airbus flight simulators and training devices are housed and our cadet pilots get to mingle with experienced pilots during their training. 

Airline Recruitment Limited – conducting industry leading selection and recruitment processes and providing both new hire and contract pilots to airlines worldwide through innovative programmes such as 'CTC FlexiCrew'

Airline Placement Limited - The principal activity of APL is that of providing cadet pilot training services to the airline industry.  The company provides cadet pilots to our client airlines, purchasing aviation training services from various companies, including CTC Aviation.  Cadet pilots training with CTC Wings, or for specific airline cadet programmes, are usually sponsored through their training by APL. 

CTC Aviation Jet Services Limited – managing and operating executive jets on behalf of our clients. 

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In 2013, CTC Aviation underwent an Educational Oversight Inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). We met all standards for private further education colleges and we are proud to have achieved the top rating of “exceeds expectations for the quality of education”. 

ISI is a UK Government approved inspectorate responsible for Educational Oversight inspections of private further education colleges in England and Wales. This programme fulfils the inspection requirements necessary when applying for or renewing a Tier 4 licence to sponsor international students under the Points Based System. 

You can access CTC Aviation’s Educational Oversight inspections report via the following link: