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Airline Programmes

Over the years CTC has earned a reputation for providing our client airlines with innovative solutions.  Through 'CTC Wings' we have delivered over 2,000 pilots of the highest quality to our partner airlines.  Our pilots have clearly impressed their airlines.  So much so that several of our partner airlines have asked us to tailor a training programme to suit their specific requirements. 

The course content of our tailored programmes may differ slightly from the 'CTC Wings' syllabus, but the most exciting feature of these programmes is that you are selected by both CTC and the airline before you start training.  As a result you know which airline you are training for from day one.  You will enjoy close relations with your future airline and, whilst there can never be a 100% guarantee of anything in this world, you can truly focus on your training knowing that you are destined to move straight into that airline and fly for them as a First Officer when you finish your training.

Not all of the tailored programmes will suit everyone but the good news is that as you will be completing CTC's selection alongside the airline selection, you can also be considered for 'CTC Wings'.  This would mean that you could then take advantage of our partner airline opportunities on completion of your training - and those opportunities may well still include the airline you originally applied for as they very often return to CTC to supply additional pilots when their resourcing needs increase.

Our airline programmes are: