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CTC Wings Cadet Programme

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About the programme

CTC Aviation has set new standards for MPL training.  We have worked together with a number of our CTC Partner Airlines and their relevant regulatory authorities to develop what we believe to be a 'pure' MPL course.  MPL is structured differently to the more traditional ATPL Route  and is geared specifically to developing the required skills and knowledge to operate as an airline pilot in a multi crew environment.  It requires the training provider (CTC Aviation) and the CTC Partner Airline  to work together to develop a bespoke syllabus incorporating the airline's culture and operating procedures from day one and secure approval for that bespoke syllabus from the necessary regulatory authority.  MPL training is designed for a specific airliner type from the outset (most commonly the Airbus 320 family or the Boeing 737, although other types may be offered in the future).  The training hours and duration for each 'leg' of the MPL training syllabus vary depending upon the CTC Partner Airline.

To learn a little more about MPL you may like to watch an interview CTC did with Dieter Harms where he explains the structure, the intent and some of the detail behind a 'pure' MPL.

CTC Aviaton's innovative approach uses G1000 equipped aircraft throughout the Core phase and Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 flight simulators throughout the Core, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced phases.  Our CTC Wings MPL Routes are truly competency-based using our bespoke web-based learner grading matrix which ensures your development and assesses your progress against target competencies.  The four phases of a typical CTC WINGS MPL Route programme are outlined in the following sections


Holders of an MPL may apply for an ATPL on meeting requirements as your career progresses.  An MPL does not permit you to work as a professional pilot on smaller aircraft that only require a single pilot.