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The ATP Scheme

One step away from an airline career

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The fast track to a commercial airline career

The ATP Scheme milestones:
  • Multi Crew Cooperation Certificate (MCC)
  • 20 hours MCC sim on Boeing or Airbus simulator
  • Airline standard (full 'Initial' syllabus) Crew Resource Management training (CRM)
  • 16 hours Advanced Handling Skills in Boeing or Airbus Simulator
  • Potential placement through CTC FLEXICREW subject to achieving CTC Aviation and airlines standards at AQC

About our Airline Training Partnership (ATP) Scheme

Our ATP scheme is designed to select, train and prepare newly-qualified professional pilots from EASA Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) to become eligible for aircraft type rating training and placement by CTC FLEXICREW with one of our Partner airlines as a co-pilot.

Minimum requirements for initial application onto our ATP scheme are:

  • Minimum requirements for initial application onto our ATP scheme are:
  • hold a current EASA fATPL with first series passes in both the IR and CPL skills test
  • hold a current EASA Multi-Engine Instrument Rating
  • have passed all 14 ATPL Theoretical Knowledge exams with no more than 3 subjects passed at the second attempt
  • be fluent in English (verbal and written)
  • Produce a CRC (Criminal Record Check) Basic Disclosure Certificate before training can commence
  • hold a current EASA unrestricted Class 1 Medical
  • have the unrestricted right to live and work in the EEA for European airline opportunities

Please note we are unable to accept applications from candidates who already hold a type rating for a multi crew aircraft type and/or if it is over 10 tonnes.

If your application to join the ATP scheme is successful, you will be required to attend an initial selection event at Dibden Manor, UK.

If you are successful at the selection event, you will then be invited to enrol upon our Airline Qualification Course (AQC) which fully incorporates the EASA Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) requirements.  The focus of the course is upon airline-style training and forms the necessary foundations required for subsequent aircraft type rating and line training and forms the final selection stage of the ATP scheme.

Successful completion of the three stages of selection of the ATP scheme demonstrates that you are a pilot who has achieved the high standards expected by our Partner airlines. You are now ready to commence aircraft type rating training and take advantage of the possible placement opportunities which are available from CTC FLEXICREW with our expanding list of Partner airlines.


1)    The CTC FLEXICREW ATP pilot database augments our CTC WINGS graduate Airline Placement Pool (APP).  Pilots registered with CTC FLEXICREW having completed our ATP scheme will be selected for aircraft type rating training when we have opportunities with our Partner airlines that are not immediately fulfilled by our CTC WINGS graduates.

2)    Some of our Partner airlines may require a contribution towards aircraft type rating costs.  Details of the terms on offer will be made available for you to review at the point of offer as these can vary considerably.

3)    All non-native English speakers will be required to meet IELTS Level 6 and produce relevant certification to confirm this.