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As a trainee pilot with CTC Wings, you will get the chance to fly and train on some of the world's most advanced training aircraft.  CTC have a large fleet of aircraft, including the DA42 Twinstar, which features a Garmin 1000 glass cockpit and diesel powered engines.

Training Aircraft

Pilot Training Fleet - DA20 Katana
DA20 - Katana
Our single engine training aircraft.
Used during the basic flight training phase, this is the first aircraft our trainee pilots will fly.
Pilot Training Fleet - Cessna 172
Cessna 172
A slightly larger, more powerful single engine trainer used for the basic phase of your flight training. Complete with Garmin 1000 glass cockpit.
Pilot Training Fleet - DA42 Twinstar
DA42 - Twinstar / DA42 - Twinstar
Our high-tech multi engine diesel glass cockpit training aircraft. Used for Instrument and Commercial (CPL/IR) training.

Flight Simulators

Pilot Training Fleet - A320 Simulator
Airbus A320 Full Motion
CTC owns 2 full motion Airbus A320 flight simulators at our Crew Training Centre - Nursling. Along with the B737-800, this is most likely the first commercial jet you will fly.
Pilot Training Fleet - 737 Simulator
Boeing 737-800 Full Motion
CTC has a full motion B737-800 full flight simulator at our Nursling Training Centre. Along with the Airbus, this is most likely the first commercial jet you will fly.
Pilot Training Fleet - Virtual Cockpits
Virtual Flight Training Devices
We have 2 B737 and 2 Airbus virtual flight training devices for use during the advanced stages of your training. These are used for procedure and CRM exercises.