Diamond DA42 - Twinstar

The DA42 is the most technologically advanced light training twin aircraft available today; representing the latest in airframe design, avionics capability and new engine technology. The diesel engine makes this aircraft an environmentally friendly alternative and the Garmin 1000 glass cockpit environment provides the most relevant preparation for the type of aircraft our cadets are likely to fly on. The engines are computer controlled through “fly by wire” throttles eliminating the need for the traditional 6-engine control levers used on more conventional light twin aircraft (throttle, mixture and rpm levers for each engine). This single lever operation is just like the engine controls found in today’s modern jet airliners.

Number in NZ fleet - 8

Crew - 1 pilot
Capacity - 4 people (3 passengers)
Length - 8.56m (28ft 1in)
Wingspan - 13.42m (44ft)
Height - 2.49m (8ft 2in)
Empty weight - 1251kg
Maximum take-off weight - 1785kg
Engines - 2 x turbocharged diesel Centurion 2.0 engines, producing 135hp each
Max speed - 359km/h (223mph) Cruise speed 140kts
Range - 1693km (1055 miles)
Max altitude - 18,000ft


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