Diamond DA20 - Katana

Single engine training aircraft

Diamond DA20 - Katana

The DA20 is an excellent training aircraft for new pilots. This aircraft features a responsive centre-stick control that provides exemplary handling. Visibility and safety are enhanced with a wrap-around canopy that affords great referencing to the natural horizon to develop fundamental flying techniques. While the DA20 is environmentally friendly with a 20lt/hr fuel burn, its performance is impressive with 1000 fpm climb rate and 120kt cruise. This aircraft strikes the right medium in providing the trainee with a responsive feel and the performance to match. The responsive feel of the DA20 means that all of the core handling skills must be fine-tuned, thus providing a honed skill set for the advanced training that is to follow. 

Number in NZ fleet - 14

Crew - 1 pilot
Capacity - 2 people
Length - 7.16m (23 ft 6 in)
Wingspan - 10.87m (35ft 8in)
Height - 2.18m (7ft 2in)
Empty weight - 529kg
Max takeoff weight - 800kg
Engine - 1 x Continental 4 cylinder IO-240-B, producing 125hp
Never exceed speed - 164kts
Cruise speed - 120kts
Clean stall speed - 44kts
Range - 1013km (547nm)
Max altitude - 13,120ft


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