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Jetstar Ab Initio Cadet Programme


CTC Wings Cadet Pilot Sponsorship

About the programme

Course milestones:
  • Passing your ATPL exams
  • Your first solo flight
  • Achieving your Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL)

The Jetstar Asia Ab-initio cadet pilot programme is not currently open for applications. Send us an email at to be updated when applications open again.

Some describe this route as zero to hero as no experience is necessary!

From people who have never sat in the cockpit of an aircraft, to those who already have a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) and a few hours of flying experience, the Jetstar Ab initio Cadet Programme is the course for you!  You’ll not only receive the highest quality training to achieve all the required licences, but on completion of the course you’ll also be eligible for direct employment as a First Officer flying for Jetstar.

Programme Overview

  • Length of programme - Twenty (20) months
  • Flying school location - Hamilton (New Zealand) and Southampton (United Kingdom)
  • Course Cost - NZ$143,400 (basic training) + NZ$62,800 (advanced training). Both costs include GST
  • Accommodation and meals - Accommodation included for training in NZ and the UK. Meals provided in the UK at the advanced training stage