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World Class Training Facilities

Crew Training Centres & Accommodation

While you're with CTC Wings, you'll be training on the very best equipment, working in purpose-built facilities and living in comfortable accommodation. Each location is tailored to the different stages of your training.

New Zealand

Pilot Training Centres - Hamilton
Hamilton, New Zealand
Our 19,000sq ft Crew Training Centre offers several flight simulators, briefing rooms, lecture rooms, planning and operation facilities.
Pilot Training Centres - New Zealand
Accommodation - New Zealand
While you’re training in Hamilton, you may be housed at one of our Hamilton accommodation complexes.

United Kingdom

Pilot Training Centres - Dibden
Dibden Manor, UK
Dibden Manor is the home of our Group Headquarters. It is used for the selection process and advanced ground training courses.
Pilot Training Centres - Nursling
Southampton, UK
Home to our B737 & Airbus Full Flight Simulators, you will be using the most up-to-date training technology available here at Southampton.
Pilot Training Centres - Bournemouth
Bournemouth, UK
Located at Bournemouth International Airport, this is where you will complete the final stages (CPL/IR) of the basic flight training phase.

United States

Pilot Training Centres - Phoenix
Phoenix - USA
Located to the west of Phoenix which allows access to an excellent flight training area